Good Riddance, 2020 – A Mental Health Update

2020 was a hell of a year. One that I’ll never forget in some ways, and would like to forget in others. 

I’ve been overwhelmed by the responses that I have gotten, and continue to get, to my blog post about my struggles with mental illness. They’ve warmed my soul; made my heart ache for you; and brought me to tears on several occasions. One thing is a constant: I’m so glad that we’re talking about it.

I truly didn’t realize how many people cared and it’s for that reason that I’m sharing an update. Trust me, my intention isn’t for 67% of this site to be blog posts about anxiety. If you’ve been a regular visitor you know I hardly ever discuss my life at all, but I guess it started to feel important to continue with this topic a little bit.

I wish I could write this post today, just shy of 6 months later, and tell you that I’m all better.

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