Green Apple Ginger Celery Juice

This spicy Green Apple Ginger Celery Juice is my go-to for a hydrating morning drink. It is especially helpful for me right now since the air quality in Los Angeles is still not great from the wildfires. I have asthma so I have to be extra careful about taking care of my lungs. And for some reason spicy ginger juice has always helped when my lungs start to feel cranky. But even when I feel great, this juice is awesome.

This is my current fave drink to start the day. Come sunrise, I pop out of bed and crave it’s vibrant, sweet, spicy, mildly grassy flavor. Sometimes I add more celery to make it less sweet, and other days (like today) I add extra ginger for more spiciness. I also love the boost of vitamin C this recipe brings.

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