Hyderabadi Bagare Tamatar (Spiced, Tossed Tomato Curry)

Hyderabadi Bagare Tamatar is a delicate dish of spiced, tomato tossed together into a silky curry. It is extremely popular and served at Hyderabadi Muslim weddings, as a side dish to the Biryani. It makes a great accompaniment for a Hyderabadi meal, and can also be served with Lachha Parathas or Naans.

Dress your Hyderabadi Meal Menu up with some other classics to serve with this dish, like:

  1. Khatti Dal,
  2. Bagara Baingan,
  3. Vegetable Tricolor Biryani,
  4. Mirchi Ka Salan and
  5. Double Ka Meetha.