Hyderabadi Khadi Masoor Dal Recipe – Hyderabadi Style Lentil Curry

Hyderabadi Khadi Masoor Dal Recipe is a highly nutritious dal recipe made with simple ingredients found in our kitchen. 

Did you know: Red lentils are rich in fiber, which can improve your digestion process.  Masoor Dal also controls your appetite and can make you feel fuller for longer periods of time. This will help in stimulating your weight loss program in an effective manner.

It has a low glycemic index that makes it an effective food item for those suffering from diabetes.

Serve Hyderabadi Khadi Masoor Dal Recipe along with Bharwa Bhindi RecipeHomemade Butter Naan Dhaba Style Spicy Ghee Rice and Spring Onion and Peanut Raita for a complete meal.

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