I make Benny’s version of Eric’s fave rye

I make Benny’s version of Eric’s fave rye

I’ve been wanting to make a rye bread for a while to change things up a bit, and finally got to it today (and yesterday.)

I really liked Benny’s version of Eric’s deli rye (pretty sure this was part of a CB), so I decided that I would follow Benny’s post HERE.

I don’t have too much to add to Benny’s post, other than things went pretty much as planned.  I did extend the “bulk” to an hour to get to doubling, and this was a bit of an adventure to mix/develop by hand, but all in all, it came together as it should.

Here’s my loaf after shaping, before adding poppy seeds, and using boxes of cat food for support rather than wine bottles (I have no doubt this will impact the loaf significantly!):

….and after baking, brushed with the cornstarch glaze:

I’ll let this one “mature” until at least lunch tomorrow.  My biggest regret is that I didn’t cure any corned beef or pastrami for sandwiches! 🙂

Thanks for the detailed post of your version of this rye bread, Benny!  Can’t wait to slice it open!