Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

This Ice Cream Sandwich Cake recipe turns simple chocolate ice cream sandwiches into the coolest, creamiest ice cream cake! This is a quick five-ingredient dessert that you will want to make all summer long. Learn how to make it and check out how you can customize it -you will love it!

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If it’s summer, you can bet I’m all about the easy desserts! As much as I love to bake, I’ll look for any way to escape a hot kitchen and my stand mixer. Thank goodness for no-bake desserts – they are what save me when the temperature goes up! 

Oh, and I have a super fun, super EASY one for you today.

Easy Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

We are raiding the frozen dessert aisle for this easy cake – a cake that doesn’t need baking or even a mixer. Let’s just say this is more of an assembly operation.

You know those classic chocolate ice cream sandwiches with vanilla ice cream? Well, they make the best ice cream cake! This recipe is similar to an icebox cake and uses those classic frozen treats to make a deliciously cold and creamy cake that you can slice and serve. It looks like a layer cake.

The best news? You only need five ingredients to make this cake, and it’s ready to go in the freezer in about 10 minutes. Ice cream cake with ice cream sandwiches is my ideal summer dessert!


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