Italian Potato Croquette Recipe

Growing up mom and grandma always used up our leftover mashed potatoes and fried up a big pan of these Italian Potato Croquettes for a side dish appetizer or after-school snack.

Even though these were always fried when they made them back in the 1940s, I learned to adapt the cooking method by either baking them or using an air fryer, super simple, a healthier alternative, and still as delicious.

The recipe is very basic and you can easily adapt it by adding additional ingredients as we do like crispy bacon and mozzarella cheese or even cooked loose Italian sausage.

Croquettes are soft and savory on the inside, and crunchy on the outside in every bite!

Just by adding a few simple ingredients, these can be a different appetizer/side dish every time you make them

If you’re a big potato fan don’t miss trying my