Italian Sausage Pasta and White Beans

Italian Sausage Pasta with White Beans is an easy, hearty dinner to make for the whole family.

Just choose your favorite style of Italian sausage whether sweet of hot and enjoy this all-in-one pan meal.

The pot simmers quickly with a fresh tomato sauce with just the right spice, garlic, and sliced bell peppers to make a delicious fresh tasting sauce.

This meal reminds me of a thick chili mac but Italian-style with a hint of Cabernet or Merlot in the sauce it makes this easy meal turn into gourmet flavors.

Just cook your favorite pasta to go along with the sauce like ditalini, baby shells, or another small macaroni you prefer to go along with this favorite meal that the kids ask for often.

Not a sausage lover? No problem just check out our suggestions for substitutions you can use in this delicious one-pan meal.

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