June 5th is National Veggie Burger Day – Make these Vegan Burgers and Condiments at Home

Open Sesame Nut Burgers by Zel Allen

Zel Allen wrote an excellent recipe piece on making your own veggie burgers
and condiments at home in a previous issue of Vegetarian Journal. She offers a wide variety of burgers including
Mediterranean Portobello Burgers, Open Sesame Nut Burgers, Spiced Green
Burgers, Nutty Buffalo Burgers, Whoppin’ Big Lentil Burgers, Moroccan Chickpea
Burgers, Falafel Burgers, and Passionate Pecan Pecan Patties.

Burger condiment recipes include Smoky Chipotle Mayonnaise, Creamy Avocado
Sauce, Mediterranean Relish, Vegan Ranch Dressing, and Tangy Tahini Sauce.

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