Karnataka Style Aralu Sandige Recipe – Puffed Paddy Fryums

Aralu Sandige Recipe – Puffed Paddy Fryums is a traditional age old summer special recipe from Karnataka. Now popular mostly through commercially prepared store bought sandige.

During early days, Sandige were made in bulk, sun dried and stored to use regularly till the next summer. Making Karnataka Style Aralu Sandige Recipe at home is easy when you have ample sunlight. These Sandige is mildly flavoured with cumin seeds and green chili paste which makes these super tasty. You can even fry and serve these as an evening snack along with a cup of tea. 

Serve Aralu Sandige Recipe with a South Indian meals of steamed riceNorth Karnataka Style Nuggekai Kharbyaali Recipe and Carrot And Beans Poriyal Recipe

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