Kollu Puli Kuzhambu Recipe – Horsegram In A Tangy Gravy

Kollu Puli Kuzhambu, is a horse gram recipe which is traditionally made in an earthenware pot. Shallots added to the gravy gives a unique flavour and makes it a great dish that can be eaten with a variety of other  dishes. 

Did you know: Horsegram is a lentil variety that is loaded with dietary fiber, vitamins, iron etc. Intake of Horse gram is excellent for people who are trying to reduce their weight. Horse Gram helps in curing bladder stone issues and also in improving the digestive system. Most important of all, it is great for Diabetics. 

Serve Kollu Puli Kuzhambu along with hot Steamed RiceCarrot Poriyal and Elai Vadam for a comforting weekday lunch.

You can also serve Kollu Puli Kuzhambu along with Ragi Mudde for a super healthy lunch for Diabetics. 

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