Mango Cake Mix Variety Muffins

If you’re looking for quick and easy muffin recipes, you just hit the jackpot of all summer muffin recipes right here with these Mango Cake Mix Variety Muffins.

Starting with a cake mix and only 3 other ingredients, these can be anything from a decadent gourmet bakery-style muffin to a simple plain moist, and delicious mango muffin.

Seriously not only are these easy but my topping suggestions below will astound you on the variety you can make out of one cake mix box, fresh summer fruit, and no one will suspend it’s a mix.

If you’re a mango lover, this will be your go-to recipe every season and not found of baking (psst if you’re not it’s ok to use another juicy fruit you prefer) these will be your favorite.

I love how versatile this basic batter and toppings, just look through my list and see what one you like the best of trying them all.

If you happen to be a mango fan and prefer a homemade from scratch recipe try our