Mavinakayi Gojju Recipe – Mango Curry

Mavinakayi Gojju Recipe is a lip smacking mango curry that tastes great with steamed rice, roti and dosa. It is tangy, sweet and a spicy curry. Coconut and various roasted spices and dals added in the curry heightens the flavour  and makes it even more delicious. 

Mavinakayi Gojju  is quite popular in the state of Karnataka. Gojju is a Karnataka style curry made with any vegetable. As the mango season is going on, you can give this captivating recipe a try.

Serve Mavinakayi Gojju Recipe with Steamed Rice with a dollop of ghee and Elai Vadam for lunch. Or you can serve it with Ragi and Oats Dosa Recipe for breakfast as well.

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