Mixed Vegetable Koora Recipe – Mixed Vegetable Poriyal

Kalle Koora also known as the Mixed Vegetable Koora Recipe is a mixed winter vegetable curry or poriyal specially made during Sankranti festival using the freshly harvested winter vegetables like Sweet potato, Potato, Broad beans, Carrots and Fenugreek leaves.

 The cooked vegetables are then seasoned with Nuvvula and kobbari podi (sesame and coconut powders) made by pounding the sesame ladoos made for the Sankranti festival.

This recipe for Kalle Koora/Mixed Vegetable Koora Recipe is a nutty, mildly spiced and Sweet poriyal sabzi that goes well with steaming hot rice – A wholesome soul food that represents Telangana culture.

Serve Kalle Koora/Mixed Vegetable Koora Recipe along with Steamed Rice, Moong Dal Rasam and North Karnataka Spiced Drumstick Sambar for a delicious indian lunch or dinner.

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