Mock Chocolate Mousse Pretzel Crust Pie

A truly decadent no-bake chocolate mock mousse pie is a creamy slice of chocolate delight.

Our pie is made with mascarpone cheese, instant pudding with the addition of special dark unsweetened chocolate cocoa powder all poured into a pretzel crust so easy and made in minutes.

I was seriously hunting for a great recipe for something quick and couldn’t find a thing that I had ingredients for, so as recipes are born, this became a hit in our home as I whipped up what I had in the pantry.

I seriously thought it was going to be too sweet using hot fudge and sweetened condensed milk but the whipped topping or cream really makes it just the right sweetness.

This creamy thick yummy chocolate mousse has all the characteristics of the French chocolate mousse version and tastes like you’ve made it from scratch.

I am not sure what I love more the filling or the buttery baked sweet and salty pretzel crust because this combination is off the charts addicting in texture and taste.

This is one of those pies everyone thinks it’s gourmet because it’s so rich and decadent but oh so easy peasy.

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