No Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Pudding Pie

Take a vanilla pudding pie and combine it with chocolate chip cookies for the best no-bake dessert! This is a creamy, cold cookie pie that is so easy to make – perfect for all the chocolate chip cookie fans!

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You guys know how I love a dessert mash-up, and I have got a great one for you today: Chocolate Chip Cookie Pudding Pie! A lot is going on in this pie, and you are going to love every single thing.

It’s loaded with chocolate chip cookies! And pudding! And whipped cream! The crust is made with store-bought cookies – my favorite short-cut! I suppose you could make chocolate chip cookies from scratch, but I am all about less work with this pie. So hit up the cookie aisle at the store to save yourself some time.

Why We Love This No Bake Cookie Pie

This is an EASY cookie pie recipe, and it’s totally no bake! Plus, it’s totally adaptable to fit your liking.

  • Use any flavor chocolate chip cookie (Chips Ahoy has so many different ones now).
  • Mix up the pudding flavors: chocolate, banana, cheesecake… you name it!
  • Make this sugar-free by using sugar-free cookies, pudding mix, chocolate chips, and whipped topping.
  • You could even add candy or nuts!

And don’t forget the decorations – I went all out and added whipped cream, chocolate chip cookies, and mini chocolate chips. It looks like a fancy bakery dessert, doesn’t it?

If all you want is cookies, pudding, and pie, then this is the dessert for you!


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