Orange And Pomegranate Salad Recipe With Candied Almonds

Orange And Pomegranate Salad With Candied Almonds is a perfect summer salad combining greens and seasonal fruits with candied almonds. This salad is cool, refreshing and crunchy because of the fresh iceberg lettuce and crushed candied almonds, dressed in a combination of tangy and spicy flavours, to cut the sweetness of all the fruit.

With summer well and truly here, fresh fruit and vegetable salads are a great way to get your tasty share of fibre and nutrients, without slaving in front of a hot stove. Summer is a great time to get a good dose of red and yellow coloured fruits and this orange and pomegranate salad is perfect for it.  It pairs best with a continental meal. You can replace the oranges with sweet limes, watermelon, or any other summer fruit of your choice.

Serve Orange And Pomegranate Salad Recipe With Candied Almonds along with Stir Fried Brown Rice And Wild Rice Topped With Honey-Glazed Tofu and Strawberry Cheesecake Bars for a tasty summer lunch.

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