Padipe Saasmi Recipe – Udupi Style Amaranth Leaves Curry With Coconut & Tamarind

Cuisine of our country is amazing and the variety of spinach we get is even better. Variety of spinach used in different kind of dishes and in all the cuisines of India makes our culinary culture rich and amazing.

This coconut tamarind based thick spinach curry called Padipe Saasmi is famous Udupi Style Curry that is made using red amaranth leaves (harivesoppu). The coconut masala gives a nice thick consistency to the curry and this dish is made with no onion or garlic, it’s a delicious and healthy dish to make any time. It is also made during festivals. 

Serve Padipe Saasmi Recipe along with Mixed Vegetable Sambar and Steamed Rice for a weekday meal. You can also serve Masala Chaas to complete the meal.

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