Palak Kadhi Recipe – Spinach Kadhi

Palak Kadhi Recipe (Spinach Yogurt Curry) is a comforting curry made with fresh spinach leaves that is cooked first to remove the rawness and then pureed, it is then boiled along with a yogurt and curd based gravy.

A usual tadka of hing, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and dry red chilli is poured over the kadhi and served hot. This makes it a perfect lunch dish that can be had along with your hot phulkas by the side.

Adding spinach will help you gain a good amount of nutrients especially it will improve the iron content in your body. It is very important to add ingredients that essential for our everyday diet.

Serve the Palak Kadhi along with Phulka, Aloo and Capsicum Sabzi and Aamras for your everyday meals.

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