Pork Sazon

Pork Sazon is an easy meal with garlic, peppers, tomatoes, spices, and a super tasty Hispanic dish.

We’ve also made this with chicken, fish, and just thickly sliced vegetables so the recipe is very versatile.

This dish is very economical using lesser cuts of meats and chicken parts to feed a large family.

Sazon means seasoning in Spanish and this packet can be used in many kinds of dishes to flavor the meat like in stews, rice, and beans, and many other dishes that use onions and peppers.

This fork-tender pork is terrific bursting with flavors that go great with plain rice or pasta.

The flavors of white wine, tomatoes, and spices all complement the pork perfectly which is our preferred choice of meat.

If you love easy all-in-one-pan recipes this is a perfect weeknight meal.

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