Raspberry Lemon or French Vanilla Tart

If you love fresh fruits and creamy filling pies, this tart will be a new gourmet tasting favorite to make all summer long.

We have two flavors made with fresh berries, one is a Lemon Tart with a baked filling using sour cream plus cream cheese and the other is a French Vanilla Pudding made on the stovetop, both equally delicious.

I just love these different style tarts, and the French Vanilla pudding is a classic old-fashioned flavor.

The crust is a buttery-rich crunch or you can use any cookie, graham cracker,  and even your favorite pie crust recipe.

We even had tips to make a quick instant pudding pie if you’re in a hurry, but both recipes are detailed using all wholesome ingredients and made from scratch.

Berries are plentiful all summer long so don’t miss trying this delicious gourmet style tart and use any kinds of berries you have from the farmers market and will work perfectly.

Scroll down to the recipe card to print this easy recipe off.