Seeded Rye Sourdough Loaf

Seeded Rye Sourdough Loaf

Seeded Rye Sourdough Loaf.. Been a while since I post from here so much to catch up…



Day 1 – Pre-ferment

-50g active rye starter 100% hydration

-100g Whole Rye flour

-120g cold water 5-7c deg



-100g Pepitas,Sunflower and sesame seeds +

– Boiling water


Day 2

-Pre-ferment as above

-25g Whole Rye flour

-50g Whole Wheat Flour

-175g Bread Flour

-7g fine sea salt

-30g molasses (black treacle)

-150g Warm Water



Day 1

– Mix flour, water and starter with cold water and leave for 12-14 hours

Day 2

– Add boiling water to your mixed seeds, soaked for 30 minutes then drain.

– Prepare your tin, Put oil in your tin and baking paper. 24x14x8 cm

– In a seperate bowl add all ingredients and mix well, rest for 1 hour

– Pour mixture to your prepared tin and add a hand full of seeds the press it down. 

– Leave to proof for 2-3 hours until volume has increased. 

– Halfway thru your proofing pre-heat oven to 250c Deg and bake for 20 minutes and 40 minutes at 180c deg