Speaking of Kale (and Other Vegetables)

By Reed Mangels, PhD, RD

How often do you eat kale, spinach, collard greens, and
other dark green vegetables? Daily? A few times a week? Once a week? Monthly?
If you live in the United States and answered “daily,” you’re among the
approximately 26% of Americans who eat dark green vegetables every day.1
The other 74% of Americans eat them less often. Maybe if you’re vegan, you eat
dark green vegetables more often. A study of Seventh-day Adventists found that
vegans ate about 40% more leafy green vegetables daily than did nonvegetarians.2

     Why eat dark
green vegetables? They’re a good way to get nutrients like calcium (true of
greens other than spinach), iron, vitamin C, and potassium as well as a variety
of phytonutrients.  They can be prepared
quickly or eaten raw or cooked long and slow, if you prefer.  Try a massaged kale salad with a lime-tahini
dressing or collards with tomatoes and garlic, or shred greens and add to soups
and stir-fries.

     Red and orange
vegetables like carrots, red peppers, and tomatoes are eaten more commonly than
dark green vegetables. In the United States, 79% of adults on average eat red
and orange vegetables daily.1 How about you? Dark orange vegetables
are especially noteworthy for their vitamin A content and tomatoes for
supplying lycopene and vitamin C. Vitamin A is needed for a healthy immune
system; lycopene and vitamin C are antioxidants.

     So, crunch a
carrot, steam some kale, slice some tomatoes – let’s try to eat dark green and
red or orange vegetables every day!


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