Sugar Cream Pie Recipe

For a simple pie recipe, you can’t go wrong with an old-fashioned sugar cream pie recipe! Also known as Hoosier sugar cream pie, this is a simple pie made with staple ingredients. It has a flaky pastry crust and a rich and creamy filling and is so easy to make – a custard pie without eggs!

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If you have a serious sweet tooth as I do, you need to try this sugar cream pie recipe! If you’ve never tried a sugar pie recipe, you are in for a treat. 

It’s a simple pie that’s great all year but especially for Thanksgiving dinner when everyone wants a slice of pie for dessert. It’s a creamy, sweet pie with a flaky crust.

What is Sugar Cream Pie?

Sugar cream pie is an easy no egg custard pie that’s sweet and loaded with vanilla flavor. It’s also called Hoosier pie, Indiana sugar cream pie, or Amish sugar cream pie. I’ve also heard it called desperation pie which refers to a type of pie made with simple staple ingredients that is easy to make.

It’s a rich and creamy pie that reminds me a lot of crème brulee. Traditionally it’s sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg, but sometimes we’ll dust it with cinnamon sugar before baking.

I absolutely love this sugar cream pie recipe – I’ve made it so many times! You can use a homemade crust or store-bought one, and the filling always turns out with the best creamy texture.


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