Summer Mocktails

Summer Mocktails are easy, healthy and one of the most refreshing beverages to cool you off on any warm summers day.

Fresh limes, lemons, berries are just some of the fruits you can use to make these fabulous fruity drinks, plus we have another bonus favorite summertime drink for you today, called “Virgin Mojitos or “Nojito”.

All these summer fresh fruit drinks are so easy to make in just a few minutes.

Because I don’t drink alcohol, and I love citrusy drinks along with colorful delicious fruits, I picked all my favorites to share with you plus numerous suggestions below to change them up just the way you may like yours.

Mint grows like crazy in our yard, so Virgin Mojitos are a favorite and sure to keep those calories down for your waistline through swimsuit months.

If there are kids around to enjoy a hot summer pool day, I usually add some honey to sweeten these up just a tad and make them in a pitcher with a medley or fruits..

Below you’ll find easy to make mocktails in strawberry, raspberry and blackberry, made with simple ingredients, plus a citrus fresh mint mojito recipe.

Scroll down to these pretty to serve drink recipes and print off the recipe card and check out just how super simple these healthy lifestyle summer drinks are to make.