Sunny Corn Chowder

Turn fresh sweet summer corn into a sunny and satisfying soup with this vegan corn chowder!

Corn chowder. The latest victim of the vegan coconut milk craze! What if I told you (and showed you) that creamy vegan corn chowder doesn’t need to use or taste like coconut at all? In fact, it can be made with the most basic of ingredients, and is very very close to being a one pot meal…

In making my classic clam-free vegan chowder, I utilized a sneaky blended base of cashews, potatoes, and beans. BUT, it’s almost summer now, and I know we’re all starting to not want to huddle over the stove cooking separate pans and then combining them.

Thankfully, fresh corn has an inherent creaminess and starchiness to it that, when harnessed properly, gives us an equally delicious and satisfying, creamy dairy-free base with a lot less work.

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