Sweet and Sour Tofu

Sweet and Sour Tofu

Crispy (breaded or plain) tofu is drizzled in a tangy sriracha sweet and sour sauce with peppers and garlic to make this delicious, better-than-takeout spicy sweet and sour tofu!

I am totally obsessed with this sweet and sour tofu right now. This recipe was originally posted to my blog in 2014, but we remade it recently and decided it could be even better! Out is the slightly underwhelming amount of sweet and sour flavor. In is dousing the whole thing in sweet and sour sauce that’s big on flavor but low in added sugar!

Back in 2014, my sweet and sour tofu photos were good by my standards, which means they were taken at an awkward slant with a scrunched up kitchen towel in the background. Cool. I think I like these new ones better 🙂

Tofu is a strange beast.

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