Sweet Cream Biscuits Recipe

Sweet Cream Biscuits are a drop biscuit made with heavy cream! This is the BEST biscuit you’ll ever make – completely from scratch and easy. The dough comes together faster than when you make these from a box and they taste way better!

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Why This Recipe Works

Cream Biscuits are the perfect kind of biscuit, especially if you’re not used to making drop biscuits from scratch. They’re soft and fluffy, SO easy to make, with a hint of sweet.

The heavy cream in the recipe does all the hefty lifting: the fat makes them soft and moist and the fact we don’t have to cut in butter keeps too much gluten from forming, keeping these extra light.

What is the best cream biscuits recipe? THIS ONE! I add a little bit of sugar to the biscuits, making them perfect for shortcakes or breakfast, but these are great for dinner too (and you can omit the sugar if you prefer).


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