Shoe Brand Crocs Is Officially Going Vegan to Fight Climate Change

Shoe brand Crocs, Inc. will be completely vegan by the end of 2021. The brand committed to no longer including any animal products in its collections as part of a larger sustainability initiative to become a net zero company by 2030. While many Crocs styles are vegan and made from its synthetic Croslite material, the […]

There’s Now a Black Market for Tabitha Brown’s McCormick Sunshine Seasoning

On July 8, vegan influencer Tabitha Brown released her limited-edition Sunshine All Purpose Seasoning in partnership with spice brand McCormick—which promptly sold out of the salt-free spice blend in 39 minutes. McCormick plans to restock Brown’s seasoning in the fall but in the meantime, a black market of sorts is forming to bring fans the […]

Jessica Biel Just Launched a Plant-Based Wellness Brand for Kids

Actress Jessica Biel recently launched a plant-based health and wellness brand Kinderfarms. The brand aims to be a “kinder farmaceutical company” that provides clean health and wellness options for families, specifically products that are non-toxic and free of artificial additives. Kinderfarms products are now available in more than 25,000 retail stores nationwide, including Walgreens, CVS, […]

This New Vegan Egg Is Made From A Legume You’ve Never Heard Of

Vegan food technology company Nabati Foods will launch plant-based liquid egg Nabati Plant Eggz—made from an uncommon legume—later this year. The vegan egg replacer is made with lupin beans (a common snack legume in the Mediterranean) and pea protein, and unlike other vegan eggs on the market, it is soy-free and gluten-free. Nabati uses a […]

Billionaire Jim Mellon Predicts End of Meat and Dairy Farming Is Near

Billionaire investor, businessman, and author Jim Mellon recently stated that he believes half of the world’s meat will be replaced with plant-based or cultured meat (where meat is grown in a lab from a small amount of animal cells) in the next 10 years. This prediction is the only way the human race will be […]

Olivia Newton-John Is Turning to Plant-Based Diet to Fight Cancer

Olivia Newton-John—known best for her starring role as Sandy in classic film Grease—is now following a plant-based diet to help manage breast cancer. The 72-year-old actress was first diagnosed with cancer in 1992 and has treated the disease with various methods for decades. After a period of remission, Newton-John was again diagnosed with breast cancer […]