Tamil Nadu Style Ulundhu Kuzhambu Recipe – Black Lentil Curry

Ulundhu Kuzhambu Recipe is one of the best curries that my mother makes so dearly. It is protein and fibre-rich recipe. The nutritious black gram dal and urad dal has high levels of protein and minerals. They also help reduce cholesterol levels to improve cardiovascular health.My mother uses sesame oil for cooking because of the believed cooling effect that it provides us.

Did you know? Drumstick pods helps to build strong bones, it is very good for pregnant women also. Drumstick pods which are known as moringa in local language is rich in calcium, Iron and vitamins. They are also have properties such purifying the blood, improves digestion and protects against infection.

This Ulundhu Kuzhambu -Black Lentil Curry can be consumed with any Indian breads like rotis, idli or dosas. Plain white rice and Papad (appalam) holds up the flavour of Black Lentil Curry. Since it is easy for digestion, it can be had during dinner. Variation of this curry can also be made with vegetables as an addition.

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