On Sunday June 27, 2021, a groundbreaking virtual conference called TEMPETHON 2021 will go live to spotlight the Indonesian fermented protein, tempeh (spelled “tempe” in Indonesia). A staple of the Indonesian diet, tempeh has only recently caught fire in western markets. In the USA, tempeh products are exploding with an annual growth rate of 30.1% in Natural Food Stores and 29.7% in Conventional Grocery Stores. The next big thing in plant-based products, chefs and consumers alike rave about tempeh’s firm texture, nutty/mushroom flavor, and versatility. Nutritionally, tempeh packs a big punch with 15 grams of cholesterol free protein in a 3oz serving, establishing itself as one of the most nutritious sources of plant-based protein on earth.

2021 includes:

A TEDx talk by Amadeus Winarno, PhD and co-founder of the Tempeh movement.

Cooking classes from a variety of world cuisines, hosted by Melania Edwards,
Author, Founder, and CEO of The Tropical Kitchen. Live cooking demonstrations
will include exotic Indonesian recipes from The Tropical Kitchen. Renowned
tempeh chef and author JL Fields will demonstrate how to create tempeh burgers
using simple ingredients. Ecuadorian Fermenter Cata Vallejo will showcase
tempeh in South American Cuisine. Tempethon 2021 will also include special
recipes from the famous Miyoko Schinner of Miyoko’s Creamery and Lightlife’s
Executive Chef.

A tempeh innovation panel hosted by Seth Tibbott, Founder of the Tofurky
Company. This will showcase some of the cutting-edge innovations driving growth
in the tempeh space. It is a chance to learn about hi-tech home tempeh
incubators, a new 100-million-dollar tempeh plant in Indiana, KETO friendly
tempeh snack foods, a plan to build 100small tempeh plants in India, a UK
tempeh start up that raised £1.6m in less than three hours of crowd funding and
a Portland, Oregon producer making amazing non soy tempeh out of various grains
and legumes.

event is sponsored by the Indonesian Tempe Movement, a non-profit organization with
branches in the USA and UK. To register for complimentary tickets, visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tempethon-2021-tickets-155571569753