Thakkali Vengaya Sambar Recipe – Tomato Onion Sambar

Thakkali Vengaya Sambar which is also called as Tomato Onion Sambar is a light sweet, spicy and tangy dish made from tomato, small sambar onions and the homemade sambar powder.

In the South India, the Tomato Onion Sambar is popularly called as the thakkali vengaya sambar. The sour taste of the tomatoes cooked in a tamarind and lentil gravy is a teaser to the palate. 

Did you know: Tomatoes are a treasure of riches when it comes to their antioxidant benefits. In terms of conventional antioxidants, tomatoes provide an excellent amount of vitamin C and beta-carotene; a very good amount of the mineral manganese, and a good amount of vitamin E.

Serve Thakkali Vengaya Sambar Recipe along with Beetroot Thoran and Steamed Rice for a weekday meal.

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