These 8 Vegan Halloween Recipes Are So Good They’re Spooky!

The past two years have been creepy, spooky, and altogether scary, but this gives us all the more reason to celebrate this morbidly spirited time of year. And what better way to enjoy the spooky season than with delicious vegan food? Here are eight otherworldly recipes to help make Halloween as bewitching as possible.


1 Halloween Pumpkin Punch by Honestly Yum

Fizzy and boozy with a festively orange glow, this spiced (and spiked) libation packs just enough sweet spirits to get you in the mood for a delightfully spooky fun time. Bonus points for serving this pumpkin and rum-based beverage in an actual pumpkin or a ghastly gourd.
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2 Radioactive Orange Halloween Punch by Mind Over Munch

This vibrant, non-alcoholic sparkling drink is perfect for little monsters. The concoction combines mango, orange, and pineapple juices with sparkling water for a tropical taste in October. Any adult monsters with a handy flask are welcome to spike their own glass. 
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Stuffed Mushroom Eyeballs by Vegan Yack Attack

It’s all about mind over matter with this creepy appetizer. Once you get over the appearance and muster enough courage to take a bite, you’ll be entranced with the taste of creamy, garlicky tofu ricotta balanced with the umami of a juicy mushroom and sun-dried tomatoes. The slight brine of the olive pulls it all together. No need to be paranoid about being watched—soon all those prying eyeballs will vanish into hungry hands and stomachs.
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4 Jack-o’-Lantern Salad with Tangy Peanut Dressing by Cadry’s Kitchen

Whether you have the time (or patience) to carve out oranges, you need to make this salad. The simple yet delectable combination of leafy greens, bell peppers, orange segments, and peanuts come together for a phenomenal side dish with a good amount of crunch. Forget the orange—we want a pumpkin full of this salad.
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Pumpkin Mac and Cheese Bake by Vegan Richa

There’s nothing more comforting on a stormy Halloween night than a big bowl of vegan mac and cheese. This baked version gets an autumnal upgrade with a squash-based cheese sauce and crispy sage topping. The zombies may be knocking on your door, but you’ll feel safe and sound while savoring this iconic comfort food.
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6 Instant Pot Pumpkin and Plantain Curry by Recipes from My Pantry

This vegetable-forward dish is the perfect precursor to all those Halloween sweets. Beware—the aromatic spices are so intoxicating they may just awaken the dead. Take the InstaPot and run to save the leftovers!
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Pumpkin Caramel Chocolates by Spabettie

These luscious homemade treats look like they came from a package. While vegan caramels are easy enough to find, it’s worth the extra effort to make these from scratch for that silky smooth pumpkin-flavored caramel filling. You may find yourself eating it by the spoonful—save some for the candies!
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8 Halloween Pudding Cups by Namely Marly

Travel through time back to your childhood with these nostalgic cookie-topped pudding cups. The tasty combination of silky chocolate pudding and crumbled sandwich cookies never fails to please witches and wizards at any age. 
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Marla Rose is the author of Humane Halloween: 22 Quirky, Fun and Bewitching Vegan Recipes for the Spirit of the Season.