Trail Mix Muddy Buddies

This recipe, also known as puppy chow, combines two favorite snacks in one – trail mix and addictive muddy buddies with Chex cereal.

You get the nutty goodness from the trail mix with the sweetness from the puppy chow in an addictive snack that’s really hard to resist! This is easy enough you can make it twice: once now and once after you eat the whole batch.

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There are many things that, when placed in front of me, I can’t stop eating. Two of those things are muddy buddies and trail mix so when I came up with the idea to combine the two, I knew I’d be in trouble! This recipe takes the best of both snacks and combines into one irresistible treat.

What are Muddy Buddies?

First things first – maybe you’re wondering. what the heck are muddy buddies? It’s a homemade snack that’s made with a few simple ingredients that is completely addicting.  

They’re so easy to make with peanut butter, chocolate, and butter. Once the cereal is coated, you just shake it in powdered sugar. It’s not a nutritious snack, and it’s messy, but it’s so good!


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