Vazhakkai Podimas Recipe (Ayurvedic Recipe With No Onion No Garlic)

The Vazhakkai Podimas Recipe is a very simple and wholesome Ayurvedic recipe made from raw bananas. This recipe use less oil and has subtle flavors from the asafoetida, roasted urad dal and curry leaves. The addition of lemon is very important to bring out the flavors of the dish.

Serve the Ayurvedic Style Vazhakai Podimas Recipe along with Tomato Rasam, Steamed Rice and Kosambari for a whole some Ayurvedic lunch.

Did you know – Raw Banana is a good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. It contains a resistant starch, which is a type of starch that cannot be broken down by enzymes in your digestive system hence it acts more like a fiber than a starch. Hence it helps in regulating blood sugar, manage weight and also help lower blood cholesterol levels.

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