Many years ago one of our members wanted to purchase a
higher model Volvo without leather seats. He was unable to obtain this, and the
sales person said, “You do not eat the seats, you know!” Volvo has
now announced they will offer vegan and sustainable alternatives. “The
impetus behind the move to vegan leather is based in company concerns about
animal welfare — the negative environmental impacts of cattle farming,
including deforestation.” However, at this point, the company will still
offer wool blends. Volvo Cars is also looking at ways to reduce the use of
residual products from livestock production commonly used within or in the
production of plastics, rubber, lubricants, and adhesives.

Don’t be afraid to speak up and promote your vegan values when making purchases. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that many of us kept requesting vegan donuts, burgers, milks, shoes, etc. at stores. If enough people ask, change will eventually happen.

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