Vegan Restaurant Week in Maryland August 16th through September 1st 2019

Once again, the greater Baltimore area and a few other
locations in Maryland can enjoy Vegan Restaurant Week. For details on this
event see:

Some of the participating restaurants in Baltimore include:

Golden West Café (Fried Chicken Mac and Cheese; Aztec Steak
Quesadilla; Waffle Monster Redux; Tofu Benedict; and more)

Greener Kitchen Kale Salad
Greener Kitchen Vegan Chicken

Greener Kitchen (Vegan Cheesesteaks; Kale Salad; baked
goods; and more)

Harmony Kitchen Ginger Sesame Quinoa Salad

Harmony Bakery (Chickpea Tart; Vegan Quiche; Quinoa burger;
Mock Crabcakes; gluten-free vegan baked goods; plus more)

Land of Kush (vegan Mac and Cheese; Collard Greens; Vegan
Crab Cakes; Curry Chickun; Kush BBQ Ribs; and more)

Miss Shirley’s (Avocado Toast; Oh Snap! Quinoa Salad;
Gluten-Free Griddle Cakes; Apple Sage Sausage & Hash Skillet; Be More
Beyond Burger; plus more)

Roland Park Bagels Vegan Pizza Bagel

Roland Park Bagels (Vegan Pizza Bagels; Breakfast
Powerhouse; Beyond Burgers; Falafel Pita Pocket; and more)

Stall 11 (Korean BBQ Cauliflower Bites; Buddha Bowl; Funghi
Philly; Shroom Burger; Seasonal Quinoa Pancakes on weekends; plus more)

Great Sage Yasai Noodle Bowl

In Howard County Great Sage is participating (Artichoke
Spinach Dip; Chopped Salad & Tex Mex Quesadilla; Yasai Noodle Bowl; Bourbon
Street Burger; Chocolate Lava Cake; Carrot Cake; plus much more)

In Montgomery County Lion & Dove Winery is participating.