Vegetarian Pot Pie Recipe

Vegetarian Pot Pie Recipe is a hearty dish that brings the best things together – a flavorful medley of vegetables, topped with a flaky crust best eaten when families gather around a dinner table. This Vegetarian Pot Pie Recipe is best cozy weeknights with the family, as much as it is for sharing with guests at a dinner party. Use whatever seasonal fresh vegetables you have on hand, or make this when you want to finish up leftover bits and bobs from your fridge. You can even add in flavorful leftover curries or vegetables for a wholesome dish and a versatile way to finish up leftovers too. The flaky whole wheat crust uses a considerable amount of butter, but it is a rare indulgence and well worth the calories!

You can serve these pot pies as mini individual portions or bake them in a large pot for a crowd. 

Serve the Vegetarian Pot Pie hot along with Garlic Bread for a dinner party.

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