Veggie Food Options in Senior Independent Living, Assisted Living, Nursing Home, and Other Senior Facilities in the USA

More and more senior citizens
in the United States are vegan or eat vegan food several times a week. Some
seniors may eventually choose to move into a senior independent or assisted
living establishment. Other seniors may need to move into a nursing home or
other type of senior facility. How do you know if the facility you’re
considering offers vegan options?

The Vegetarian Resource Group
maintains an online guide to veggie-friendly senior facilities. Some offer
vegan options on a regular basis and some offer vegetarian food and upon
request will provide vegan food. With demand from seniors, more and more
establishments will eventually add vegan meals.

Here’s VRG’s online guide:

If you know of any other
senior facilities that should be added to this guide, please send the
information to [email protected]