Yudane toasted buckwheat sourdough baguette

Yudane toasted buckwheat sourdough baguette

Toasted Buckwheat Yudane Sourdough Baguette

Last weekend I made a sourdough baguette using the yudane method (20% flour from the recipe + equal weight of boiling water, left overnight). The yudane is added to the dough before bulk fermentation. I used fresh milled hard wheat for my first one.

Find that blog here https://www.thefreshloaf.com/node/69116/yudane-milled-wheat-sourdough-baguette

A yudane gelatinizes flour and traps moisture, creating a moist crumb. It also compensates for low gluten flours through gelatinization. To compensate for the water trapped in the gelatinization you can also increase hydration by adding more water as I did with this loaf. The gelatinization helps keep a high hydration dough manageable even when it is very slack.

This weekend I made a toasted buckwheat version because I have a lot on hand. I have toasted buckwheat for pancakes because I like the flavour, especially when maple syrup is added.

Once again this is a variation of Maurizio Leo’s sourdough baguette recipe with low aesthetics!


Toasting Buckwheat

My dough recipe is 80% AP and 20% buckwheat. I measured the buckwheat out and toasted it in a skillet on high heat, mixing regularly until it was browned a bit. Here you can see before and after.

 After toasting….


Making Yudane

After toasting I made the yudane by adding an equal weight (200g) of boiling filtered water. Note that I should have let the flour cool first. I got flash boiling of the flour in the mixing bowl because everything was too hot. This resulted in losing water to steam, which I had to replace by weighing it all out again. 

I let it sit overnight. Next day I autolyzed the AP flour and filtered water for 30 mins with the yudane folded in. This was because this yudane was a bit dry (compared to the fluffy porridge I had with a milled wheat version with no flash boiling).


Mixing Dough

After autolyse I added salt and rye levain and mixed 5mins + 15 mins rest x 3.

This yudane had some bits that didn’t fully integrate into the dough unlike last time.

Then overnight in fridge.

Next morning

Next morning dough had risen a lot in fridge. I scooped it out, shaped and baked.

A very slack dough. I bookfolded and coiled each portion, then did baguette shaping.

Loaves baked

Loaves were not as puffy as wheat ones. May be overfermenting / proofing. Slashing didn’t work too well with slack dough. I was a little impatient and abusive in my dough handling which shows :p

Crumb shot and taste

Here is the crumb shot. Moist texture, sourdough tangy and buckwheat flavour. I’ll taste again tomorrow as toast.